Donna Perfect

Donna-Leigh Perfect brings an abundance of energy and charisma to the "Dream Guards Show". As a qualified Personal Trainer/Nutritionist and a passion for changing childhood obesity, she offers professional knowledge in a fun and interactive approach.

As a mother of two teenage children, she is able to offer her own experience in a fun and fresh way.

As an inspirational speaker Donna-Leigh shares many of her stories on the stage of overcoming her traumatic experience as a child in foster homes, attending 13 schools and her own personal experience of being bullied.

Which ignited her strong desire to help make a difference for others facing bullying in their lives by designing our unique anti-bullying P.E.A.C.E tools. This has become one of our signature pieces to our Dream Guards Program.

As a youth mental health first aider with years as a Lifeline Telephone Crisis Counsellor with Suicide Prevention Training, Donna-Leigh has the ability to listen and empathize.

 She also has an extensive business background with a Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management and successfully operating a number of her own small businesses. This has been of great advantage in setting up our own business structure Perfect Fun'N'Fitness

"To be inspiring people of all ages on stage as an Inspirational Speaker and performing alongside my husband Michael Bennett in our  Dream Guards Show, changing lives in such an empowering and positive way is incredibly rewarding to me. I have truly found my passion and will never work a day in my life again."