Dream Guards Show

"The Dream Guards Show delivers an inspiring message of Self Belief, Resilience, Healthy Lifestyle and arms our students with their unique anti-bullying program P.E.A.C.E. empowering them to Stand Up To Bullying in a Positive way."

"Both Donna and Michael were very flexible and worked with us in implementing our very own Varsity College well-being principals and ethics into their show."

"The Dream Guards show delivers and outstanding message and arms our children with the tools to support them not only through school but also their lives."

"As an active member of our local community and principal of the largest school in Australia Varsity College, I would not hesitate in recommending Michael and Donna's Dream Guards show to any school principal in Australia."

Steve McLuckie - Executive Principal

Varsity College

The DREAM GUARDS are Inspirational Speakers/Entertainers MICHAEL BENNETT & DONNA-LEIGH PERFECT.

Michael is better known as Mad Mike the warm-up artist for the Police Academy Stunt Show at Warner Bros. Movie World where he performed his crafted physical comedy for 16 years (1993-2008). Michael has been a professional Comedian/Entertainer on cruise ships along with corporate and club engagements since 2000. 

Donna is a qualified personal trainer specializing in the health and well-being of children. Donna is also a certified Bokwa instructor and holds a Senior First Aid Certificate alongside having certificates for advanced Nutrition Level 1 & 2. Donna is also a Mother of two teenagers. 


The DREAM GUARDS mission is to perform their Empowering, Inspirational Anti-Bullying Show in EVERY SCHOOL in Australia. 


Having performed our highly energetic, interactive and informative show to the Biggest primary school in Australia this year (Varsity College Primary Campus - 3 Shows.......   3 Days....1660 Children) with rave reviews, we have stepped up our Dream and we will not give up until the DREAM GUARDS Anti-Bullying show has spread the word of P.E.A.C.E to every Australian Primary School.

Because we are All Dreaming of a Bully Free World, are we not.  




A survey of schools in approximately 40 countries found that Australian primary schools were among those with the highest reported incidence of bullying in the world. *(Mullis, Martin, & Foy 2008)

The Australian Covert Bullying Prevalence Study reported that 1 in 4 students (in a sample of 20,832 Australian students aged between 8 and 14 years) reported being bullied every few weeks or more, with the highest prevalence rates being reported by children in year 5-9 and 10-11 years) *(Cross et al, 2009)

Anti Bullying Dream Guards mission

Michael and Donna are both accredited Youth Mental Health First Aiders and understand the importance of Health and Mental Well-Being in our children. 

The DREAM GUARDS Show is an exploration of the Imagination and Senses. Building resilience and empowering children to Stand Up To Bullying in a Positive and Powerful way.

With the aid of Real Life Story-Telling, Magic, Music, Comedy and Balloon Creations the DREAM GUARDS energise children with self belief and instill a sense of Belonging and Self Worth.  

Resilent kids share four basic skill sets: INDEPENDENCE

                                                    PROBLEM SOLVING


                                                    SOCIAL CONNECTION 

NOW is the TIME TO TAKE ACTION so our children can grow into HAPPY, HEALTHY, CONFIDENT and COURAGEOUS citizens of OUR COMMUNITY. 

Anti Bullying DREAM GUARDS Help Kids

Much Gratitude and thanks to our Dream Guard Team who's Love and Support have been amazing as we reach for our Dreams to empower Families across Australia. 

anti bullying DREAM GUARDS

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